Watermelon Salad

A cool treat on a hot summer day! It’s been crazy warm here lately! We had a heat wave this past week, mixed with some smoky skies. There are several forest fires currently burning in interior BC. The fires have been ongoing for the past few weeks. There are a lot of residents displaced by … Continue reading Watermelon Salad

A Quick Grilled Dinner

It was another busy week… Ok, not really. We were away for a bit on a short trip out to Tofino. Neither of us had spent much time on Vancouver Island (a long weekend in Nanaimo once, and a long weekend in Victoria once as well). And everyone kept saying that we needed to get … Continue reading A Quick Grilled Dinner

Teriyaki(ish) Chicken Kebabs

This was a bit of a busy week. Between paddling practice, DH had a bunch of stuff going on, I wrapped up a class and started another one... I'm really happy it's Friday, and I'm looking forward to a slower weekend and some downtime. One of the things I've grown to enjoy about cooking, is … Continue reading Teriyaki(ish) Chicken Kebabs

Summer Veggie Soup

Or the story of how I ended up making soup on a hot summer day... The warm weather streak has continued here in Vancouver, which made the Canada Day long weekend extra spectacular. We managed to see the fire works on Saturday night, got out to a farmers’ market on Sunday and went on a … Continue reading Summer Veggie Soup

Lemony Lentil Salad

We have been having absolutely spectacular weather these past few weeks! Last weekend was maybe a bit warm for my liking, especially with the high humidity. Luckily, the humidity has eased off and the warm weather has stuck around. I think it’s safe to say that summer has finally arrived in the lower mainland. I … Continue reading Lemony Lentil Salad

Leek and Potato… Salad?

I’m sure most people have heard of leek and potato soup (Vichyssoise soup). With the warmer weather, I decided to try and turn the soup into a salad. Because nothing says summer BBQ like potato salad, right? Ok, this was mostly out of necessity. I bought a bunch of leeks at the grocery store (they … Continue reading Leek and Potato… Salad?