We’re Off Again!

Or why it's taken me so long to drag my butt back to the keyboard and post something... I know it's been a while. I can only imagine what this has done to my ratings on Google... Haha, I think my site must have gone from "barely noticeable" by their search bots to "you're never going to be read by the public again!" Not that any of this matters actually. I'm not sure I ever really had the intention of making this website an internet-breaking, visit for the latest and greatest trends kind of site. Those kinds of sites take a lot of work and dedication, and I would rather focus my creative efforts on other projects. (Let's be honest - I would rather flake off and read a book or go for a long walk).

To Quote Shakespeare: What’s in a name?

Or how I came up the name of this blog, as wordy as it is. Let’s time warp back to 2006(ish). I was living on campus at the U of A. It was my first time living on my own. I already knew how to cook, for the most part. I wasn’t great, don’t get … Continue reading To Quote Shakespeare: What’s in a name?