To Quote Shakespeare: What’s in a name?

Or how I came up the name of this blog, as wordy as it is.

Let’s time warp back to 2006(ish).

I was living on campus at the U of A. It was my first time living on my own. I already knew how to cook, for the most part. I wasn’t great, don’t get me wrong. But I was the master of scrambled eggs, salad, fish and chili.

Anyways, like a good little university student I drank my one cup of coffee a day, in the morning, to not over do it on the caffeine. (What?! I was the only 19-year-old worried about their caffeine intake? … Woah, I’m gonna need a moment here… This is news to me….).

From my raging caffeine addiction, I was all out of coffee at home. I headed to the store to buy some more. While at the grocery store, I decided I was going to use my new-found freedom to buy some ice cream. Because why not? It was late-September, and I think the weather had been unseasonably warm and sunny that day. Rather pleased with myself – because THE sign of adulthood is eating ice cream whenever you darn well please, I lined up at the express line.

To be fair to the cashier (not that she returned this favour to me) she probably saw this every year: freshmen arriving at school not knowing how to cook, buying pizzas, pop tarts, frozen meals and the odd banana for good measure. She scanned my coffee and Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream and proceeded to tell me the total. She then added “You shouldn’t eat only coffee and ice cream. You’ll put on the freshmen 40.” I, of course, proceeded to give her the stink eye.

Now, she was preaching to the choir – she definitely didn’t realize it at the time though. I was (and continue to be) well aware that coffee and ice cream do not fully constitute a healthy diet. You need to at least eat an apple from time to time 😉

I’ve cleaned her words up a bit, to make them ring better. But the principle still applies: I can’t survive on coffee and ice cream.


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