Friday Fiesta Mango Salsa

The weather has turned back to being rainy! It’s March in Vancouver; I’m told this is normal. I can't wait for spring to get here so that I can get out and explore all the fresh flowers. Anyways, if you’re like me and you’re waiting for winter to clear up and spring to arrive this is … Continue reading Friday Fiesta Mango Salsa

Mom’s Gluten Free Pumpernickel Raisin Bread

This bread is somewhat ingredient/labour intensive - so set aside enough time to bake it! I only bake this when I have free time and/or it’s a cold (by Vancouver standards), rainy day. Or I’m trying to get out of doing something else... And now… (drum roll please) for a little bit of back story. … Continue reading Mom’s Gluten Free Pumpernickel Raisin Bread

Italian(ish) Tuna Salad

I got my inspiration for this salad from two recipes from Giada de Laurentiis. Both her White Bean Tuna Salad and her Italian Tuna Salad are delicious! I highly recommend them both! I didn’t happen to have all of the ingredients for either recipe in the house. So… I modified it! This is pretty typical for me, as … Continue reading Italian(ish) Tuna Salad

Thai-Inspired BBQ Chicken

The warm weather’s got me feeling frisky! It’s the second day of sunny weather in row!!! And I’m beside myself with excitement here folks! Anyways, I had thawed a chicken to roast on Sunday… But one thing led to another (we went for a walk around Olympic Village and in to downtown, that was longer … Continue reading Thai-Inspired BBQ Chicken

Basic Vinaigrette Coleslaw

Yesterday was the first sunny warm day in Vancouver in a while! (I’m still getting used to the rain…) It had me in a spring/summer kind of mood. I raided my fridge and found some leftover cabbage from a Tuscan-inspired soup recipe I had made earlier this week, so I decided to make coleslaw. This … Continue reading Basic Vinaigrette Coleslaw

To Quote Shakespeare: What’s in a name?

Or how I came up the name of this blog, as wordy as it is. Let’s time warp back to 2006(ish). I was living on campus at the U of A. It was my first time living on my own. I already knew how to cook, for the most part. I wasn’t great, don’t get … Continue reading To Quote Shakespeare: What’s in a name?